Message from the Director of the Center

Osaka University aims to be a university that creates “a society where each member leads a meaningful and fulfilling life” by solving various local and global issues.
To this end, we have been striving to build an environment where diversity is fully embraced and respected, regardless sexual orientations, gender identities, nationalities, cultural backgrounds, ages, values, and disabilities.

In pursuit of this vision, the Center for Diversity & Inclusion was established on 1 April 2022 to promote diversity effectively and seamlessly by implementing projects to support our measures.
The Center will advance to a new stage by expanding its responsibilities and reorganizing its structure, while inheriting the mandate of its predecessor, the Center for Gender Equality Promotion. Based on the Osaka University Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Declaration, we will foster a campus community where openness toward diversity and inclusion is the norm, and different individual identities are valued. Guided by this Declaration, we will realize a vibrant and supportive working and learning environment where the abilities and individuality of all Osaka University members are celebrated.

We thank you for your continued support as we work toward achieving a diverse and inclusive university.


Organizational Structure for the Center for Diversity & Inclusion


【Three Divisions of the Center for Diversity & Inclusion】

●Gender Equality Division

Ensure career support for female researchers and implement initiatives to promote learning/work-life balance for everyone.

●Future Researcher Development Division

Foster future female researchers by reaching out to female elementary, junior, and high school as well as university students who have the potential to become researchers.

●Diversity Promotion Division

Propose measures to realize a campus where diverse members with varying SOGI, disabilities, and internationality can learn and work with mutual understanding.


【PDCA Cycle of the Center for Diversity & Inclusion】

Plan :  Diversity & Inclusion Board plans policies for diversity and inclusion promotion
Do :  Diversity & Inclusion Board members implement projects and recommend measures
        as the Division head of the Center for Diversity & Inclusion
Check :  Diversity & Inclusion Board evaluates the efficiency and effectiveness of each project
Action :  Based on evaluations, the Center for Diversity & Inclusion improves projects
              and the Diversity & Inclusion Board reviews measures



Organization Year/Month Declaration
Reorganization of the Center for Diversity & Inclusion Reorganization of the Diversity & Inclusion Board April 2022  
  September 2021 Osaka University Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Declaration
  September 2020 Iku-Boss* Declaration and SOGI Ally Declaration
Reorganization of the Gender Equality Board August 2017  
  July 2017 Osaka University’s Principle on Diversity in Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
Establishment of the Center for Gender Equality Promotion Reorganization of the Gender Equality Promotion and University-Community Collaboration Board April 2016 Osaka University Gender Equality Declaration
Establishment of the Gender Equality and University-Community Collaboration Board August 2015  

*Iku-boss is a supervisor/manager who is considerate and understanding of the situations of subordinates or colleagues who need to look after their children, care for family members or balance their work and life.