WLB Support Systems

◆Support for pregnancy, childbirth and childcare

On-campus nursery schoolsFaculty members・Students
The university runs three nurseries at the Suita and Toyonaka campuses. We also provide early morning care, extended day care, and Saturday care.
Short-Term Childcare CenterFaculty members・Students
As a way to support faculty members and students who are involved in childcare, we have established a Short-Term Childcare Center for preschool and elementary school children, which is also available during hours that cannot be covered by daycare centers (early mornings, evenings, weekends, and holidays). We also subsidize the cost of using babysitters.
Nursery for Sick and Convalescent ChildrenFaculty members
In cases where our faculty members are having difficulty caring for sick children at home, we provide care in an environment staffed by nurses and childcare workers in cooperation with pediatric doctors at Osaka University Hospital.
Collaborative SpaceFaculty members・Students
The Collaborative Space was established in November 2017 on the first floor of the Co-creation Innovation Building on Suita Campus. It is available to all faculty members and students of Osaka University as a place for free interaction. (Accompanying family members and persons from other universities, institutions and companies are also welcome.) A nursing area is available and books can be checked out.
Babysitter service subsidy programFaculty members
"We issue babysitter service discount coupons providing a discount on the daily fee per eligible child. Note: Confirmation of eligibility, conditions of use, etc. is required."。
Appointment support for prenatal checkups and outpatient careFemale faculty members
For female faculty members on campus, we provide support for appointments at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of Osaka University Hospital for prenatal checkups and outpatient care.
Electric breast pump rentalFemale faculty members
For female faculty members wishing to breastfeed their babies, Medela "Symphony" and "Swing" breast pumps are available for borrowing free of charge. Note: A limited number of breast pumps are available.
Guidance on Supporting the Development of the Next GenerationFaculty members
This pamphlet includes information on the special leave and childcare leave systems relating to childbirth and childcare.
Balancing Work with Childcare and Nursing Care: A Guidebook for Everyone
Faculty members・Students
It explains a variety of support systems for balancing work and family life. If you plan to be a pro-childcare-leave ikuboss or an ikumen father, it’s essential reading. We hope you will make use of it to achieve a good work-life balance.
Diaper-changing seats, baby chairsFaculty members・Students
We are in the process of installing diaper-changing seats and baby chairs in the multipurpose restrooms and general restrooms of on-campus facilities.

◆Research support: For researchers having difficulty securing time for research due to family commitments such as childbirth, childcare or nursing care